Volkswagen Arteon is headed for the Chopping Block.

Volkswagen will soon have one less large hatchback. The short-lived Arteon 4-door will soon be gallows-bound. Car and Driver confirmed that 2024 is the final model.

According to Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schafer, this means focusing on fewer high-volume vehicles while removing low-volume vehicles like the Arteon. Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schafer says this means focusing on smaller numbers of high-volume cars and removing low-volume vehicles like the Arteon. The lack of interest from American consumers has virtually killed the segment, leaving only a handful of competitors. VW’s sales figures show that the Arteon has declined steeply for the past two years. In 2021 the manufacturer sold only 5537 Arteons, and in 2022, 1742. When you compare these figures with the 375,000 and 300,00 total vehicles Volkswagen sells in the U.S. each year, it becomes clear why the model will be discontinued. Volkswagen has not announced a direct replacement for Arteon at this time. We know that the electricID. seven will be heading to the U.S. and could replace Arteon and the discontinued Passat midsize sedan. We’ve consistently rated the Arteon highly, despite its price. We’ll also be saddened to see that the market for full-size sedans continues to shrink.

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