Polestar 2 gains power and range, and the base model switches to RWD.

  • Polestar updates the two models for 2024 with increased range and power.
  • The base model is rear-wheel driven, replacing the previous single motor that drove only the front wheels.
  • The range increases from 320 miles with the single-motor version to 276 miles with the dual-motor version.
  • Polestar is constantly improving its products. Electric car Since its debut in 2024, the four-door hatchback has undergone significant changes that have improved its range and power. The 2024 model year also brings some visual changes and new equipment.
  • The power has increased across the board. The base single-motor car now offers 299 horsepower. Dual-motor models have gone from 408 to 421 horses, while the 2 with Performance Package offer 455 horsepower. The single-motor car’s electric motor now powers the rear wheels instead of the front. Polestar claims that the dual-motor all-wheel drive model has a more rear-biased design, and the front motor may disengage in certain situations. Polestar claims that all models are faster than before. We look forward to testing the updated cars and seeing how the switch to rear-wheel-drive (and reconfigured AWD) affects handling. A larger battery for the one-motor vehicle will increase the range from 270 to 320 miles. Polestar claims that the dual-motor cars will have the same battery, but the EPA estimates the capacity will increase from 260 to 276 miles. The 2024 model offers more features for less money. Driver assistance is now standard on the base car, and the dual motor car comes with the Pilot package. Polestar has announced that the updated model will be available later this year.


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